acbe – Association of Compensation & Benefits Experts

The acbe is an association of certified compensation and benefits experts. At the center of acbe’s goals lies the continued professionalization and establishment of market-driven, comparable and transparent remuneration systems for Swiss, German and Austrian companies. The acbe is especially active in the following areas of compensation-related topics:

  • Fostering Fairness, comparability and transparency in compensation practices
  • Promoting the quality and professional competence through training and development
  • Networking of experts through seminars and roundtables

Analysis  Certification of Fair Compensation

The acbe provides the SQS with its well-founded expert knowledge and methodical competence for the certification of compensation fairness, thereby providing a positive contribution to the debate on fair wages.

Certificate Fair Compensation

In Switzerland, the acbe, in cooperation with the Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS), offers companies the possibility to review their salary structure and system according to recognized criteria, thus providing differentiated feedback on compliance with fair compensation.

Companies can get certified in three different levels and position themselves as good employers in the labor market. The certificates “Fair Compensation”, “Good Practice in Fair Compensation” and “Excellence in Fair Compensation” are nationally recognized.

Further information can be found on the website of the SQS.

Attestation on fair wages

Companies in Switzerland, Germany and Austria have the opportunity to have their wage structure and system examined by acbe experts according to recognized criteria and certified by acbe.

Education and Training – CAS in Compensation & Benefits Management

For the implementation of an effective and market conforming compensation system, well-trained experts are needed who can develop and apply solutions to complex remuneration issues.

For this reason, the acbe supports further training concepts that are geared to current market needs, offering practical added value. The courses are aimed primarily at HR and compensation specialists who want to expand their skills in compensation and benefits at a higher level, both professionally and methodically on a sound level.

The acbe currently offers a comprehensive CAS program in both German and French:

For an effective and fair total compensation, the acbe has drawn up a practical guide “Compensation & Benefits Management”. It covers the fundamentals as well as methods for the development of compensation systems. The book explains the subject areas and connection between the essential compensation elements in a comprehensive manner. Furthermore, it contains articles and practice cases from over 20 certified compensation experts.

Expert Network

We network highly qualified compensation experts. The acbe has excellent know-how carriers who pass on their knowledge professionally in seminars or as lecturers.  The acbe regularly organizes roundtables and seminars in cooperation with klingler consultants. Up-to-date information can be found on the event overview of klingler consultants.

In addition, we maintain a broad network of external remuneration experts and institutions in order to connect specialists and promote dialogue. We are happy to network you. Contact us at


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acbe – Association of Compensation & Benefits Experts
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